Learning Centre, Abeche

The Learning Centre offers a good option to be involved in direct ministry to Muslims for both long term workers and short termers (“Trekkers”). It provides an opportunity to serve the community, to form relationships and then to branch out into the town.

In addition to the student library, we currently run an English programme, where the classes run in ten week blocks. English is taught through English, so that is an option even for a Trekker who does not have much French.

Basic computer courses teaching Word and Excel in 4 week blocks are also an option but the teaching is in French.

We also run an internet station and have the potential to run classes on whatever suitable subject a trekker can teach. We would like to expand into other IT applications including social media and audio-visual media.

In each case the vast majority of the students are men. We are in the early stages of working on a programme to teach French to the women. This is attracting some women from the church, and we hope to see this expand to women from the local community.

Teaching materials are provided.

Trekkers at the Centre usually live on site. A senior worker would normally be based there too. We have basic self-catering accommodation separate from the main teaching area but which is open to visitors at other times. We have seen a great community atmosphere develop there at times.

There is room for 6 people, or more if rooms are shared. There are markets within easy walking distance and easily affordable local restaurants. The accommodation has solar power and usually has running water. There is a very friendly Chadian family living at the opposite end of the site, near the main gate.

If for some reason the Trekker needs to be accommodated elsewhere, the main WEC property is 30 minutes walk away, 10 minutes by car.

A Trekker at the Abéché learning centre would normally have opportunities to visit the nomad work, the church-run centre in Adré, ministries of WECers and others in Abéché and city outreach in N’Djaména. None of these are guaranteed. They depend on how long the Trekker is in the country and which workers are present at the same time.

The Centre team is very international including of course Chadian members. The Trekker is expected to play a full part in the life of the Centre team and will be treated as a full member of the Abéché outreach team.

Learning Centre, Abeche
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