Your whole time will be a learning experience, but it makes sense to start as prepared as possible. We expect those who are coming to see the job through to either have completed an appropriate Bible based mission training programme or to have the equivalent through effective cross cultural ministry experience. Both would be better! Contact us for more information or visit our international website for training options offered by WEC.
English is the team language and French is the language of government. We and other agencies have experimented with bringing workers in who do not have French and it almost never works long term. In view of the fact that acquiring local language is going to be such a big part of becoming effective in Chad, we require all those who are serious about completing the task to get good French before they arrive.

We can give advice about where and how to learn French. The best locations are in Europe and Canada. For some there may be options within Africa. Computer-based self study may play a part. We arrange an assessment for workers before they come out to join us.

We also recommend that prospective workers seriously consider taking a course about language learning. Your nearest WEC base can give you advice on what is available.
Up to the present time, the Chadian government has been happy to grant visas to missionaries. We work in association with the Evangelical Church of Chad (“EET”). Our presence is known and even encouraged by the authorities.
Quite possibly. We have had workers using a variety of different skills at different times. However, that the task of sharing Christ takes first place and decisions about specific types of work have to be made with that in mind. Also, although there may be opportunities to use your skills, it is unlikely that you could get paid employment sufficient to support you. It is quite difficult for non-Chadians to get secure jobs. If this is an issue for you, please ask us about it.
Not easily. The country is not particularly business-friendly even for local people.
We trust God for our needs without making appeals for funds. Get in touch with your nearest WEC work for more information.
We normally expect our workers to have their home church and others prayerfully supporting them. Our personnel come from a wide variety of church situations. If a church wants to have a more “hands-on” involvment or send a team or become in some way a partner with the WEC Chad we are open to explore such a possibility.
This is a trick question! Is anywhere totally safe? No. Have any of our workers come to any harm? No. We make keeping our workers safe a priority, but in real life risks have to be taken too.

In the past, Chad has known times of great instability and civil war. At present things are remarkably stable. Bad things can happen, but Chad compares favourably with many, many other places. Tomorrow is unknown and always will be. “Will I be safe in Chad?” is the wrong question. Can I trust God to take care of me in Chad is the right question. We are ready to specific up-to-date questions about security matters – feel free to contact us.
There is a range of options including French language day school, English language school (primary only) and home school. What might be best for you will depend on where you are in Chad, the age of your children and what language they need to study in. Contact us for more information.
Start by exploring WEC international website. Contact your nearest WEC office or ministry. Ask God to show you. We want you to be sure before you join, so there will be no pressure. If WEC is not right for you we will try and point you in another direction.
Use our contact form.
The standard route is through a WEC office in your home country.
Write to us direct through the contact form and we will see what we can do.
Yes, that is possible. If someone has a very specific interest in Chad and wants to visit to confirm God’s leading for their lives, we may be able arrange a visit. Absolute minimum time in country 2 weeks. A visit may of value. A period of short term service might be better.
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