Politics & Government

Chad is a secular state. It maintains good relations with many countries including the West. President Idris Déby Itno has been in power since 1991. There are regular elections.

Freedom of religion

Government policy is that there should be full freedom of religion. Since in daily life, for many communities religious affiliation is very strongly tied to identity, changing religion is not easy. If there are difficulties they do not come from the law of the state.

Is Chad affected by events in neighbouring countries?

Yes, of course, but not necessarily in ways that affect foreigners working in Chad.

  • As a result of the Darfur crisis, there are refugee camps in the countryside of the East of the country.
  • As a result of the events in Libya, thousands of families of Chadian origin were displaced and returned to Chad.
  • As a result of the recent events in Nigeria and Mali, there is a rise in tension in some quarters but no significant incidents.
Politics & Government
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