Land & Climate

The Northern third is Sahara desert, the middle third is seasonal grass land with a short rainy season and the Southern third is well watered with rivers and a long rainy season. It is rare for the temperature to ever drop to single figures of °C in lowland areas (i.e. almost everywhere). Highs in the […]

Health & Safety

Chad does not score well on the various international league tables, but no one entering the country need fear as long as they take sensible precautions. Chad is a big place and conditions vary. We make sure our people stay safe and well.

Politics & Government

Chad is a secular state. It maintains good relations with many countries including the West. President Idris Déby Itno has been in power since 1991. There are regular elections. Freedom of religion Government policy is that there should be full freedom of religion. Since in daily life, for many communities religious affiliation is very strongly […]

Chad Development

Economics and development Chad came out of the colonial period with very little infrastructure and what had been there was damaged or destroyed in the wars of 1970s and 1980s. Now that Chad is an oil producer there are signs everywhere of new development – new roads, schools, hospitals, universities and so on. The state […]

Chad Church

Chad is reckoned to be about 35% Christian. The biggest Protestant denominations are : The Evangelical Church of Chad (EET) established by the Sudan United Mission. The Christian Assemblies of Chad (ACT) established by Brethren missionaries. The Lutheran Brethren Church of Chad (EFLT) established by the Lutheran Brethren (USA). The Assemblies of God All of […]

Population & Language

Estimates of the population vary from 10 to 12 million. The number of ethnic groups varies from 120-200, depending on definitions used. Population density is much greater in the South and diminishes as you go North. French and Arabic are official languages. In practice, the language usually needed to speak to officials is French. The […]

The Maba People

The Maba people are a major ethnic group in the East of Chad. They were at one time a powerful kingdom that ruled an extensive area. They call their own language Bura Mabang. They are also known for their attachment to the Arabic language and to Islam. They and their language are better known by […]

The Massalit People

The Massalit are a people living either side of the Chad-Sudan border. The majority are reckoned to live on the Sudanese side numbering about 200 000, with about 60 000 on the Chadian side. Traditionally the ordinary people have not taken much notice of the border and they have crossed back and forth freely. There […]

Arab Nomads

For many, this word conjures up a romantic image of a turbaned, warrior like figure riding out of the desert to graze briefly in a palm filled oasis, before climbing onto his lofty camel to ride out in search of another adventure. Not quite the reality for most nomads of our time, at least not […]

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