Serving Short Term (Short Term In Chad)

We do have opportunities for people who share our values and aims and are able to serve for between 6 months and two years. (For options of less than 6 months see Frequently Asked Questions)

Most of our short termers serve at the Learning Centre in Abéché. All short-termers serve as part of an outreach team alongside experienced workers.

The major options are:

  • Teaching English
  • Teaching French language or literacy
  • Teaching very basic IT (usually in French)
  • Teaching use of media – photo, audio, video etc
  • Serving in student library
  • Running an internet station
  • Outreach to nomads (one year minimum)

There may be other options – see the opportunities list. If you want to come to Chad and have a skill not listed, feel free to contact us and ask.

Serving Short Term (Short Term In Chad)
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