Short term FAQs

English is the team language. A French speaker with little or no English may be considered depending on the circumstances at the time.

Some knowledge of French is an advantage, but not a requirement.

You will be given the opportunity to learn some local Arabic starting before arrival.
This is a trick question! Is anywhere totally safe? No. Have any of our short termers come to any harm? No. We make keeping our workers safe a priority.

In the past, Chad has known times of great instability and civil war. At present things are remarkably stable. Bad things can happen, but Chad compares favourably with many, many other places. Tomorrow is unknown and always will be. “Will I be safe in Chad?” is the wrong question. Can I trust God to take care of me in Chad is the right question. We are ready to answer specific up-to-date questions about security matters – feel free to contact us.

WEC is working in Chad in association with the Evangelical Church of Chad (“EET”). Our presence is known and even encouraged by the authorities. We enjoy the privilege of being known as missionaries. The location of our workers is public knowledge. Our involvement in the Learning Centre, Bible translation, preaching the gospel, churches, nomad camps and so on is all public knowledge.
Use our contact form.
The standard route is through a WEC office in your home country.
Write to us direct through the contact form and we will see what we can do.
We do not usually encourage anyone to come for less than 6 months, but there are exceptions:
For example, we have benefited from the visits of dentist able to run temporary clinics for needy people. It always requires some arrangements to be made but in principle brief trips of workers with special skills – medical or technical – are possible by arrangement.
We are sometimes able to accept college placements – minimum time 6 weeks.
If someone has a very specific interest in Chad and wants to visit to confirm God’s leading for their lives, we may be able arrange a visit. Minimum time in country 2 weeks.
Short term FAQs
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